Simple Spider-Woman cookies, in the style of FunkoPop bobble heads!

I went off of the Jessica Drew Spider-Woman design, and this is an amalgamation of the funko Captain America cowl shape, a sketch Tsarinajissa sent me, and the funko Spider-Man eye design.

They took about a day to make. The hair was a bit of a disaster, owing to the icing being a bit too wet to take proper shapes. Oh well.  


These are basically repeats of my funkoPOP Captain America cookies, but I tried out a new way of doing some of the details, like the wings and the A on the cowl, and I think they turned out more consistently. 

The little wings on classic Cap’s cowl are pretty much the most adorable thing in existence, so I will probably always default to this cookie just for that. 

Also, I am amused by the Marvel scrapbooking paper I picked up recently, so there’s that, too. 


Sif cookies in FunkoPOP style! Since there isn’t currently a Sif Funko bobblehead, the awesome Tsarinajissa mocked me up an inspirational sketch based on comics-Sif!

They’re strawberry-flavored sugar cookies with royal icing, food coloring marker, and edible silver glaze. Sadly, one of the cookies had a headdress accident and is currently in cookie triage. She should be repaired by tomorrow. 

As with the She-Hulk cookies, quizzical eyebrows are pretty much my favorite thing. 


Following up the Shulkie cookies, some Hulk cookies. Since these are basically repeats, I only took a few pictures. 


She-Hulk (Shulkie) cookies! 

Inspired in part by funkoPOP style toys, but alas, the Jen does not as yet have her own bobble head, though she obviously deserves one. I sort of jumped into this one without even sketching out a model, as is obvious from the radical variation. On the other hand, not having a model meant I got to play around a bit with hair and eyebrows. 

Since they’re heading to different people, half are strawberry-flavored and half are almond and coffee. As always, sugar cookie and royal icing. 


At long last, the evil Loki cookie (Loki Cookie redux) from my blog giveaway is FINISHED \o/ 

I have no idea why I made  … well originally I started with twelve of these, but I ended with nine. I’m pretty happy with seven of them. I think the piping of the studs on the hems of the coat looks cleaner than the edible glitter I used last time, but they pop off really easily, and so aren’t very practical. Perhaps if I used wetter icing next time, but then controlling the size and shape would be nearly impossible.

Wait. “Next time?” Not for a long time, unless copious amounts of money, love, and alcohol are thrown my way. These are really time-consuming, though the challenge is fun. Also, I like taking them outside for photoshoots. The cookie easel keeps it off of actual bad things, though never fear, thewindthatshakes, that one stays with me. 


Funko Spider-Man cookies! A wonderful student of mine invited me to his graduation party, and since he is a huge fan of all things Spider-man, I whipped up a dozen little funko-based cookies. I played around with eye shape and size, as you can see. 

These helped break up the more intricate work of the Loki cookies, so that was nice. You can make these in about 2 days if you’re more efficient, what with drying time, but I spread it out over 3, as I’m working on three different types of cookie at once. 

No special ingredients here: sugar cookie, royal icing, gel food coloring.


I need a new #%$@#$%@# hobby. 

I do not even want to think about how long this is going to take, or the shape my wrist is going to be at the end of it.


Last call for Bayeux Tapestry cookie suggestions! (At least for the first batch). I’m making some BT cookies for a graduating medievalist student, so it seems as good a time as any to crowdsource suggestions. 

Right now, I’m already doing some of the comet, probably the arrow in the eye, some of the marginal animals because they are awesome, and possibly the pavilion under the comet. I’m still tempted by the breakdancing horses, because look at them. 

The boats are gorgeous, but maybe a bit ambitious with all the other stuff I’m trying to do by Sunday.

I dunno. If you google full Bayeux Tapestry, you can get images of the whole thing, and it’s kind of amazing. I’m probably overlooking awesome stuff by looking at the obvious stuff. 

Any suggestions? They can be little details, because I’m planning on one or two big scene cookies, and then some small 2x2 details with things like the marginal animals or the little decapitated dudes in the margins, or the comet, so I’m very up for cool things you spot. I have an artbook that reproduces the whole thing at 3/4 size in full color, so I have good references to show each stitch :D So much rope to hang myself with. 


Progress shot on the interminable evil Loki cookies, which should be done in the next 60 hours, if I have my way :D

I’ve started the first round of edible gold glaze. It should take 2-3 rounds of glaze to make it evenly gold and metallic, and generally one should wait at least an hour between coats to avoid dragging. Since there are 10 cookies, though, the wait shouldn’t be an issue.

Once this part is done I can a) start using gold, bronze, and green/gold lustre dusts to simulate verdigris patina on appropriate surfaces on the neck and vambraces, and I need to add the gold details to the piping at the hems around the coat details.

Last time, I used a metallic edible glitter, and I’ll repeat that on a few cookies, but I plan to pipe tiny gold specks instead on a couple this time around to see if I like it better. I have enough to experiment with :D (weep for my wrist and eyes). I may even attempt something with tweezers and disco dust for the ultimate in masochistic detail work but that may be too much, honestly. This would probably look the best, though I’m not sure I could get the vodka suspension to hold the glitter consistently enough in place. SO MANY DECISIONS. 

Other cookies to work on: Spider-man funko for a graduating student, some other new funko? Cap and Iron Man for another student (if I can bear to after tomorrow gdi), the beginning of some rudimentary Bayeux Tapestry cookies for a graduating student. 

Oh god. No sleeeeeeeeeep. 

I really want to mock up some sketches for a Winter Soldier cookie, you have no idea.


Fun with gold sugar crystals.

Let’s not talk about how long it took me to do all 10 of these. 

Midnight snack!~


Midnight snack!~



I just started on the gold sugar bits, and I might legitimately cry for how long this took me. 

One down, nine to go. 


On the good side, though, I realize in the last section (the waist), how to do it faster and better, so I think I will be more efficient and neater at it as I go forward … 


8 hours later …

So, people always ask me how long cookies take. It varies. Basically, the more one does in a set, the less time per cookie (to a limit), so the first of these took over an hour to block in the black icing, and the last a little under a half hour. 




Obviously, that’s not all of the base black, but it’s a good start. today, I’ll block in the shoes, do the legs and the sugar brass bits, and that might honestly be it, because that’s a lot of fine tweezer work and placement and there are three sections of it on each cookie this go-around (waist, and each leg.





look at those rows of stupidly symmetrical plates. :/

This also necessitates a trip to the store, because I seem to have misplaced my cookie-specific tweezers :/ oops.

We had an arm dismemberment late last night, but after cookie triage, I think the patient was recuperated. Only time and an obscene amount of royal icing will tell.


It Begins

It is kind of ridiculous how much I go into this cookie treating it like an adversary, rather than a challenge. I think it’s because I have absolutely no memory of how I did it last year :/ And because I have someone waiting on him ^^;

10 templates, hopefully a couple will come out looking decent. It should also give me a little leeway to do a couple the same as last time and a couple to experiment with. Last time, I lucked out, making just one and having him come out fairly decently. image

Food coloring markers are the best thing ever. 


I’m also using the old Loki from last year as a guide, since my old template sketch was deviated from several times. I’m hoping I manae not to break him in the process. He’s a bit brittle, as sugar cookies and royal icing dry out over time. Also, I am a klutz by nature. 

Still looking pretty good after a year, though, right?


His natural habitat, in my office, though the other cookies were removed and given away or eaten after I took the pictures, since just leaving cookies around not under glass seems like a bad idea. This one, though was such a pain that I kind of couldn’t bear to eat him. So now, he’s surrounded by HotToys figures and random other fandom things. image

We’ll see how these 10 develop over the next few days. I’ll try to keep the profanities to a minimum and to the tags :/

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