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I’m in love with this cookie. I mean. I think I’m pretty much always in love with your cookies, so this may not be a surprise, but I want to get cookie married to this Bucky. (And the Carol cookies. Because they will always be my first love)

<3 I will try very hard not to mess him up in the home stretch, then :D I’m waffling on how detailed to make the mask, at the moment. Basically, every step from here on out is a bit tricky ^^;

See that arm? Only nine more to go!

See that arm? Only nine more to go!


Okay, yeah, starting this this late was a mistake. Farewell, sleep. 

On the other hand, I’m pretty happy with how the distressed leather effect on the vest looks, so I am feeling pretty good about things overall.



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I can definitely notice this olive undertones! I love them (the arms all look good to me though, embedded or not. I asked bestie for an opinion and she just shrugged.)

I went with embedded because I think they’ll hold up better in the end. I’m about to start piping the gray in now, because of course 10:30 is a totally rational time to start prolonged detail-oriented work on 10 cookies, but if I do that, I can do the silver on them tomorrow, and maybe start the masks tomorrow, and perhaps hair and stars Wednesday, and final details Thursday?

In any case, these should be done by the weekend, barring any major surprises. 

I’ll have to figure out how to do pictures here :D Interior lighting is a no-go, but we’re a floor up. might be a little awkward to take these guys out to the sidewalk on a tray ^^;



Winter Soldier sugar cookie progress shots. Still working on the boots, but as you can see in the group shot, I’m trying out a couple of options on the arm piping—one embedded, and one on top. I’m tempted to go embedded for greater durability (no flaking!) but god is it going to make the metallic edible pigment painting tricky. You can see 4 of the pigment contenders next to the cookies, but there’s another off-shot that is probably the one I’ll go for. I have to wait for the icing on the test cookies to dry first though, so if I finish the boots tonight, I’ll probably move on to the weathering and aging of the leather on his vest piping and such to give it just a bit more dimensionality. I think you can tell in the closeups that the vest and belts are a deep mink brown with olive undertones, rather than a true black, but the pants and boots are black. The gloves are two-toned. 

Here we go with the Winter Soldier orange-flavored sugar cookies. Don&#8217;t ask why I decided to make 10. I make bad decisions. 

Here we go with the Winter Soldier orange-flavored sugar cookies. Don’t ask why I decided to make 10. I make bad decisions. 


I think tonight is a good night to start the Winter Soldier cookies. 

By which I mean, I’m in the mood to make some cookie dough :D

Winter Soldier cookie reference sketch. The boots are probably going to be rethought a bit, and I&#8217;m still thinking through the arm. 
I think he&#8217;s going to be a fun one, though.

Winter Soldier cookie reference sketch. The boots are probably going to be rethought a bit, and I’m still thinking through the arm. 

I think he’s going to be a fun one, though.


Simple Spider-Woman cookies, in the style of FunkoPop bobble heads!

I went off of the Jessica Drew Spider-Woman design, and this is an amalgamation of the funko Captain America cowl shape, a sketch Tsarinajissa sent me, and the funko Spider-Man eye design.

They took about a day to make. The hair was a bit of a disaster, owing to the icing being a bit too wet to take proper shapes. Oh well.  


These are basically repeats of my funkoPOP Captain America cookies, but I tried out a new way of doing some of the details, like the wings and the A on the cowl, and I think they turned out more consistently. 

The little wings on classic Cap’s cowl are pretty much the most adorable thing in existence, so I will probably always default to this cookie just for that. 

Also, I am amused by the Marvel scrapbooking paper I picked up recently, so there’s that, too. 


Sif cookies in FunkoPOP style! Since there isn’t currently a Sif Funko bobblehead, the awesome Tsarinajissa mocked me up an inspirational sketch based on comics-Sif!

They’re strawberry-flavored sugar cookies with royal icing, food coloring marker, and edible silver glaze. Sadly, one of the cookies had a headdress accident and is currently in cookie triage. She should be repaired by tomorrow. 

As with the She-Hulk cookies, quizzical eyebrows are pretty much my favorite thing. 


Following up the Shulkie cookies, some Hulk cookies. Since these are basically repeats, I only took a few pictures. 


She-Hulk (Shulkie) cookies! 

Inspired in part by funkoPOP style toys, but alas, the Jen does not as yet have her own bobble head, though she obviously deserves one. I sort of jumped into this one without even sketching out a model, as is obvious from the radical variation. On the other hand, not having a model meant I got to play around a bit with hair and eyebrows. 

Since they’re heading to different people, half are strawberry-flavored and half are almond and coffee. As always, sugar cookie and royal icing. 


At long last, the evil Loki cookie (Loki Cookie redux) from my blog giveaway is FINISHED \o/ 

I have no idea why I made  … well originally I started with twelve of these, but I ended with nine. I’m pretty happy with seven of them. I think the piping of the studs on the hems of the coat looks cleaner than the edible glitter I used last time, but they pop off really easily, and so aren’t very practical. Perhaps if I used wetter icing next time, but then controlling the size and shape would be nearly impossible.

Wait. “Next time?” Not for a long time, unless copious amounts of money, love, and alcohol are thrown my way. These are really time-consuming, though the challenge is fun. Also, I like taking them outside for photoshoots. The cookie easel keeps it off of actual bad things, though never fear, thewindthatshakes, that one stays with me. 


Funko Spider-Man cookies! A wonderful student of mine invited me to his graduation party, and since he is a huge fan of all things Spider-man, I whipped up a dozen little funko-based cookies. I played around with eye shape and size, as you can see. 

These helped break up the more intricate work of the Loki cookies, so that was nice. You can make these in about 2 days if you’re more efficient, what with drying time, but I spread it out over 3, as I’m working on three different types of cookie at once. 

No special ingredients here: sugar cookie, royal icing, gel food coloring.

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