I don’t have grading this weekend and I managed not to injure my wrist like last weekend. 

Time to take the Loki cookies back out of their tupperware storage and do some serious cookie work. 

Also, I really want to do some Winter Soldier cookies. You have no idea. The straps! The ARM.


insouciantlypersnickety replied to your photoset “Fun with gold sugar crystals. Let’s not talk about how long it took…”


It … is a special kind of sickness, I know ^^;


Fun with gold sugar crystals.

Let’s not talk about how long it took me to do all 10 of these. 

Midnight snack!~


Midnight snack!~



I just started on the gold sugar bits, and I might legitimately cry for how long this took me. 

One down, nine to go. 


On the good side, though, I realize in the last section (the waist), how to do it faster and better, so I think I will be more efficient and neater at it as I go forward … 


8 hours later …

So, people always ask me how long cookies take. It varies. Basically, the more one does in a set, the less time per cookie (to a limit), so the first of these took over an hour to block in the black icing, and the last a little under a half hour. 




Obviously, that’s not all of the base black, but it’s a good start. today, I’ll block in the shoes, do the legs and the sugar brass bits, and that might honestly be it, because that’s a lot of fine tweezer work and placement and there are three sections of it on each cookie this go-around (waist, and each leg.





look at those rows of stupidly symmetrical plates. :/

This also necessitates a trip to the store, because I seem to have misplaced my cookie-specific tweezers :/ oops.

We had an arm dismemberment late last night, but after cookie triage, I think the patient was recuperated. Only time and an obscene amount of royal icing will tell.


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I kinda can’t believe how well he’s held up! Still frelling amazing. I can easily picture him saying KNEEL ;)

Heh, well I don’t handle him much. His bangs came off once, but I just reattached with more icing since they came off like a toupee. 

I’m now imagining a tiny, tinny high-pitched voice screaming imprecations. 


It Begins

It is kind of ridiculous how much I go into this cookie treating it like an adversary, rather than a challenge. I think it’s because I have absolutely no memory of how I did it last year :/ And because I have someone waiting on him ^^;

10 templates, hopefully a couple will come out looking decent. It should also give me a little leeway to do a couple the same as last time and a couple to experiment with. Last time, I lucked out, making just one and having him come out fairly decently. image

Food coloring markers are the best thing ever. 


I’m also using the old Loki from last year as a guide, since my old template sketch was deviated from several times. I’m hoping I manae not to break him in the process. He’s a bit brittle, as sugar cookies and royal icing dry out over time. Also, I am a klutz by nature. 

Still looking pretty good after a year, though, right?


His natural habitat, in my office, though the other cookies were removed and given away or eaten after I took the pictures, since just leaving cookies around not under glass seems like a bad idea. This one, though was such a pain that I kind of couldn’t bear to eat him. So now, he’s surrounded by HotToys figures and random other fandom things. image

We’ll see how these 10 develop over the next few days. I’ll try to keep the profanities to a minimum and to the tags :/


Fanfectionary: Fandom cookies turned 1 today!

Awww, a year of ridiculous elaborate fandom sugar cookies and adventures in royal icing <3 Thank you for following my silly blog of silly cookies!

(Source: secure.assets)


These are my second attempt at Captain America cookies, this time without a cowl. While the last cookies came out fairly well, I wanted a shot at giving Cap his Avengers Chris Evans hair. Like other cookies, he’s a plain sugar cookie topped with royal icing. details are touched up with edible silver and white lustre dust and edible silver glaze. Black lines are drawn with black food coloring markers. 

I didn’t change really much of anything about the costume, so it’s just the head that got a revamp. I tried a few ways of styling the hair here. I also played around with candy sequin eyes, using light blue candy sequins and also using black food coloring markers to color another set because the light blue looked a bit odd, more like he was mind-controlled à la Tesseract than blue-eyed, if that makes sense.



bururaven replied to your photo “*stares at dough* *stares at Loki cookie template* *cries*”

That’s a really detailed outfit! Maybe you should try to make less details? Dunno. But it still looks good. =)

Oh! He’s a repeat! I’m changing a couple of details, or at least trying some things the old way, some things a little differently (since I made a dozen templates), but I know I *can* make this work. It will just be a bit of a time suck because of the layers, and letting things dry. Also, the lines are time consuming, and I’m terrible at straight lines and perspective. 

I want to do a better job at some of the brasswork details this time, too, but we’ll see. 

Old Loki Cookie:



Tony Stark Redux!

So months ago, I made Tony Stark cookies again for a fan event and found a better way to make the arc reactor, or at least a way I thought better. 

I used blue isomalt edible cake jewels, and affixed them to the cookie on a bed of white icing so they refracted light brightly. To get the black lines for the arc reactor surface, I used food coloring markers. The only thing that made this a bit tricky is that I’d sprayed them first with edible shellac, which makes it okay to touch them (though you still shouldn’t handle them—skin oils make the jewels dull and pit). Apparently, one can make one’s own edible jewels, which might be nice for getting better color control and a flat disk shape, but I’ve not acquired the skill yet. 

Other than the arc reactor, though, he’s pretty much a repeat of my earlier attempt, though the gray icing isn’t as weirdly patchy as last time, which is a plus.  


Related to the last post, Commander Rogers! So, after his stint as Captain America, Steve Rogers takes on the role of Commander Rogers, and in fandom, he’s rather strongly linked in the imagination with Director Stark, so when I found out I’d be making Director Stark cookies, I decided to make Commander Rogers cookies too. It seemed timely anyhow, as the Captain America 2 costuming seemed to take a lot of cues from the Commander Rogers uniform.

I actually stole the Chris Evans hair from the CA2 trailers, because I prefer it to the comic book Steve Rogers hair. Much easier to render in icing :)


Director Stark cookies! These are the cookies Missbeckywrites requested for the cookie giveaway from a little over a month ago, and I finally finished them! (Loki cookies soon to follow, though finals and Christmas might delay them just a bit >_<).

For those of you who follow Marvel comics, for a brief time, Tony Stark was Director of SHIELD, and thus, Director Stark and the iconic black and white SHIELD uniform. There’s a bit of a recent cult resurgence of fandom for Director Stark lately, and hey! Cookie Director! Missbeckywrites, let me know if there’s a particular one(s) you prefer the look of, and he’ll be the one I box up. You might want to pick two, just in case there’s a mishap in packing, etc. ^^; I’ll add the dark blue eyes with icing, and box them up and send them, Monday at the latest (The final I’m giving on Saturday actually runs the whole of the post office’s hours :/)

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